About Us

Focused on Flooring.

Lush Floors was founded by Jarrad Jones in 2018. While the Lush name is new, Jarrad’s experience in flooring is not. He began working in the flooring industry over 12 years ago, developing his knowledge by completing hundreds of flooring projects.

Why Us?

Superior Advice.

With many flooring retailers, the person you first meet to discuss your requirements is often a showroom salesman. In many cases, they have little experience installing flooring. With Lush Floors, this will never be the case.

The person providing advice on the type of flooring best for you is also the person who has extensive experience installing and working across all types of flooring. This hands-on experience is your advantage.

Lush Floors is passionate about installing beautiful flooring in homes and the impact that it can have on the dynamics of a room. We also pride ourselves on excellence in the process of estimating, project management and tendering for larger commercial projects.

Superior Products.

Lush Floors only works with the best flooring manufacturers. Why not visit our display at the Adelaide Home Ideas Centre and explore a comprehensive range of flooring samples at your own pace.

Lush Floors also works with DIY customers looking to install the flooring themselves – we can provide advice, supply the flooring and even help with training. It’s the best of both worlds for home project enthusiasts.